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The Habitat for Humanity Way

I’ve been agonizing for a few years about what to do with some brand new stuff that I’ve never gotten around to using.

Let me clarify that: For the last few years since I retired, I’ve been slowly getting rid of small and sundry things and lots of clothes via the Salvation Army. But, there’s also some things, too big and heavy, for me to simply get into my car. DIY things. All wood. A chest of drawers and a matching pair of nightstands. I did want to sell them, but being an older woman alone, it didn’t feel safe.

Finally I discovered that Habitat for Humanity has what they call a “Restore” and they’ll come and pick this stuff up. Their “Restore” is like a warehouse of unused and/or very gently used household things. Things like cabinets and counter tops and other house-building components that have been donated.

Now, all I have to do is get rid of enough stuff to the Salvation Army to make a path to all of it.



I enjoy writing about a multitude of things. I also love cats. and being creative in a variety of ways. Follow along and let's see where this all goes...

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