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Tiny Tim, part 2

just a-sittin' and enjoying the sunshine
Image by Ann-Marie from Pixabay

I’m writing about this part in the hopes that it will help other dog owners.

To the best of our knowledge, he lived a full 21 years. So even if he had been 7 years old, he was one of our best friends for 14 years.

Sometime during those years, he started to have epileptic-type seizures. Scary things. Actually quite terrifying to see and deal with. Off to the vet. Special meds for the rest of his life. We were worried that he would have an episode when/where we couldn’t help him. I don’t remember what pills etc that the doc prescribed. What I do remember is that those pills would probably help him, but the cost to his quality of life was a lot.

So, back to the internet. I researched diet. I researched all the kinds of meds possible. I was loosing hope for a better answer. Until I found something on a page hiding way back in the search pages. It was just one short paragraph, but what the hell, why not give this a try.

Something so simple, and FREE! And, it worked! Which is mostly why I’m sharing it with anyone who reads these things I write.

Somebody somewhere decided to experiment with the water supply for dogs. Specifically outside dogs water bowls. It must have been someone with a small breed dog of their own who had seizures.

Now Tiny was an inside dog, but of course he could/would go out into the backyard to do “his business” and run around stretching his legs. And, being the thoughtful/caring owner I am, there was always a bowl of water for the dogs. It’s where I put that bowl that played a part in the problem. Birds flying over-head poop whenever/wherever. And some of that poop landed in the water bowl without my knowing it. Yep. Bird poop.

The original writer of this little paragraph did some research into what is in bird poop. And he found something very interesting: Lime. Small amounts to be sure, but we’re talking about small dogs. I moved the water bowl under some cover, and changed how often I changed out the water. Tiny never had another “fit” or seizure ever again.

So spread the word, sometimes meds aren’t needed. And, since it worked for Tiny, it follows that it might help outside cats too.



I enjoy writing about a multitude of things. I also love cats. and being creative in a variety of ways. Follow along and let's see where this all goes...

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