Yep, that’s me.

As you can see, I’m no “spring chicken”.

I’ve “been around the block” a few times. Lived in Heidelberg, Germany, and a little town in South Korea named Taegue. I’m a Southern California native.

How did I get to those “exotic” places?

I joined the United States Army and drove jeeps and trucks of all sizes. I even got to drive 18-wheelers!

I’ve been the momma to more cats than I can remember, and almost a dozen dogs.

Retired now from my civilian job, and I decided to write about my life and things I’ve learned over the years. Maybe some of these stories will strike a chord within you, maybe not.

Once upon a time I had a website called 21catsalute. No one came to visit.


I had a lot of fun creating it, but it seemed that hardly any one was interested.

So now…

Here I am trying again.

I would rather use my retirement with being creative than have a gofundme page.

All I ask is, if you wouldn’t mind, to come and visit these pages once in a while.

Look around. Read. Maybe even enjoy some of it.


I, and others, will read them.