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Long Week-End Shopping

(Grocery shopping to be exact)

So many people suddenly realize “omg it’s a long weekend, and we need food! snacks! drinks! let’s bar-b-que! let’s party-hearty like there’s no tomorrow!” Like they never saw it coming.


Go to any grocery store on any day of a long weekend, and the crowds just won’t stop.

OK. I get it, some people have to wait for a payday. Been there, done that. But half the population within your area? Why is it so hard to plan ahead? And, yeah, sometimes you really do forget to get that one thing you must have the last time you were there. Get to the store, then re-discover all those other things you think you want. While the check-out lines just get longer and longer. And tempers get shorter and shorter.

What a hassle. and one that’s avoidable by just a little thinking ahead.

Just sayin’